OX Tools draw the line


Introducing the newest revolutionary product to hit the tool market this year, the OX Aluminium Kevlar® Chalk Line.

In partnership with one of the strongest synthetic fibres to ever be produced, Kevlar® and OX are breaking conventional tool manufacturing norms to bring you the most durable and robust chalk line in the OX range.

Using a new abrasion-resistant 1mm x 30m Kevlar® braided line which is up to 30 times more durable than previous models, this chalk line is practically indestructible. The braided line pulls and releases with ease, creating clear, precise, and bold lines that are crisp and sharp to the eye.

Featuring an improved non-slip Oxhorn hook for precise accuracy when chalking lines and a locking mechanism to hold the line firmly in place. The ergonomic grip profile allows for easy and comfortable operation whilst the felt gasket distributes even chalk coating on the lines and prevents chalk spillage.

With a strong, ultra-lightweight aluminium casing and durable steel crank made to withstand the demanding conditions of the job site, the PRO Kevlar® chalk reel will handle the most challenging environments.

With a fast rewind assisted by the 6 to 1 gear ratio for a quick reel in, this Kevlar® Chalk reel will provide increased productivity on the job site. The chalk reel also comes bundled together with a bonus 115gm chalk refill, so you won’t have to buy additional chalk.

Get your hands on one of the toughest chalk lines on the market today: the OX Pro Aluminium Kevlar® Chalk Line.