Not just an ordinary bucket


CSS are proudly releasing their newly designed range of Buckets, which are Australian made.

Originally the buckets were sourced from overseas, but the changing market conditions, manufacturing hold ups and intercontinental freight price hikes forced us to rethink our supply channel.

Fortunately, CSS were able to find a local manufacturer, who’s product was far superior and cost competitive compared to the imported product. On review it made commercial sense to source an Australian made bucket which turned out to be a fantastic change. The quality of the buckets improved, and lead times became far more manageable.

Now this may not sound that exciting considering it’s just a bucket, and there’s not many features & benefits about a bucket that separate one product from a competitor’s product. But the new Impact-A range of buckets now have a sturdier handle, increased wall thickness and sealable lid, so you could say you’re getting more “bang for your bucket” and to top it off, it’s Australian made.

When you purchase an Impact-A bucket, don’t look at it as just an ordinary old bucket. In fact, it’s a statement to the market that great products can be made right here, and we should all be looking closer to home for more locally made products. If you can make an inexpensive item like a bucket, then there’s hope for other products and great hope for the Australian Manufacturing Industry.