Metal cutting solutions


Cutting metal on-site often brings with it a variety of challenges if done using the traditional methods.

Some of the questions we ask are: is it safe to use a cutting disc or an oxy? Do I need a hot works permit? Will the sparks cause damage to the workpiece? How many cutting discs do I need to complete this job? Do I need to wait for the cut piece to cool down before working with it?

There is now a solution from Austsaw that addresses these questions and is revolutionizing the way we cut metal on-site.

With a range of blades that cut Stainless Steel, Metal, Thin Sheetmetal, Aluminium and the soon to be released Heavy Metal blade; coupled with a range of sizes that mean you can fit these blades to battery circular saws ranging from 135mm to 355mm electric saws. Austsaw gives you a complete metal cutting solution.

These blades are produced using Cermet and C6 Carbide teeth that have been specifically developed to achieve the cutting capacity required for each application, giving them unsurpassed durability and cutting speed.

Compared to using traditional methods to cut metal, the Austsaw Metal Blades are far safer due to a cool cut (no hot spark), and less harmful fumes or dust, making sure the metal can be handled immediately after the cut. They save time in cutting speed, preparation time and in rework. Creating less waste and can be easily resharpened.

Ultimately Austsaw Metal blades outlast any Abrasive disc over 200 times, reducing the cost per cut immensely!