Safer strapping


With various industry segments wanting to reduce workplace injury on worksites, companies are always on the lookout for innovative products to help employees remain safe at work.

A product that has caused many injuries on various worksites in the past, is 19mm Metal Strapping, which is primarily used to strap bundles of large items/products in place. It may be useful to hold a bundle together, but when tensioned up and then cut, that strapping can unleash its fury on those around it.

That is not the only problem with metal strapping as disposal after use presents problems of its own. It is a dangerous task, wrestling with lengths of sharp-edged strapping while you try to fold or wrap it into a small disposable bundle. It is an exercise fraught with great danger.

CSS and its Members, owners of the Impact-A range of products, have been selling a safer alternative to the dreaded steel strapping for many years now.

Impact-A Poly Woven Strapping Systems are rapidly becoming a safe, secure and easy to use replacement. Our 20mm Strapping and Buckle combination is rated to 1100kg breaking strain and provides a perfect foil against cuts and scratches that are sometimes associated with the use of the alternative.

Poly Woven strapping, when cut under load, does not have the recoil of metal strapping, it is easily disposed of, is reusable, and there is a small potential for being cut while using it. The material used in your seat belt is a remarkably similar product to re Impact-A Poly Woven Strapping, and we know how strong and safe that is to use.

There are literally hundreds of applications, across a broad range of industry segments, where the product can be used with great confidence, especially when performance and safety are required. (Transport, construction, distribution, industrial engineering, farming, and infrastructure for example).

In some industry segments some sites have banned metal strapping citing the dangers of handling and disposal for their reasoning. Poly Woven strapping does not kink and create weak spots. The buckles and strapping are reusable – if handled correctly when installing or releasing. There is no rust. The system is rated at 1100kg breaking strain.

Get yourself started with a Strapping Starter Kit which includes 62mtrs of strapping, 100 buckles and tensioning tools, all stored in a sturdy toolbox. Larger 250mtr and 500mtr rolls and buckets of buckles are also available to purchase separately.

Impact-A Poly Woven Strapping is the industry’s safer alternative to steel strapping.