Why Nitoseal®PU is the best sealant for the job


When you’re looking for performance and productivity gains on site, consider the Nitoseal® PU range of elastomeric joint sealants.

Available from Fosroc in a façade grade Nitoseal® PU250 and a trafficable grade Nitoseal® PU400, the range provides enhanced performance while helping to get the job done faster with less clean-up.

Compared with other polyurethane sealants in the market, Nitoseal® PU:

  • offers gunning up to three times faster, especially in colder climates
  • produces much less stringing during application, which means time savings on clean-up.

Nitoseal® PU cures by reacting on exposure to atmospheric moisture. It forms a waterproof and durable seal, acting as a barrier to rain, wind and dust. It’s ideal for exterior applications.



Nitoseal® PU250

✔ Seals moving or static joints in building facades

✔ Weather resistant

✔ Excellent primerless adhesion to most substrates

✔ Flexible, one-component, elastomeric polyurethane sealant technology

✔ Low odour

Nitoseal® PU400

✔ Suitable for trafficable floors, metal and concrete water retaining structures and metal framed buildings

✔ Tough, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant

✔ Weather resistant, waterproof and durable seal

✔Suitable for immersed applications when used with appropriate primer

✔ High bond strength

✔ One component, polyurethane sealant technology

✔Fast skinning and fast curing

✔ Low odour

✔ Approved for potable water