Seal of approval


Bostik Australia’s new Seal N Flex range is a compact portfolio of high-end and high-quality sealants. These new generation sealants tick all the boxes in the application field: offering perfect adhesion without using a primer on common building materials and very easy to apply and tool. Once cured, the sealants are bubble-free, highly elastic, and weather/UV resistant thus ensuring a durable, long-lasting bond.

Seal N Flex One Plus is a low modulus, highly elastic, bubble-free polyurethane sealant. It is suitable for the general sealing of construction and expansion joints. Seal N Flex One Plus is a solvent-free, non-staining formula and provides excellent weather and UV resistance.

Seal N Flex Premium is a high modulus, high-performance polyurethane sealant and adhesive. It is suitable for sealing construction and expansion joints, as well as joints in pedestrian walkways. This dual-purpose product can also act as a multipurpose elastic adhesive.

Seal N Flex Façade is a low modulus sealant based on hybrid (SPUR) technology. It is 100% non-bubbling, will adhere to damp substrates without the aid of a primer, is extreme weather/UV resistant, free from isocyanate and solvent and easy to tool.