The cutting wheel of choice


Flexovit is Australia’s favourite cutting wheel of choice and remains dedicated to delivering local solutions to customers through continual improvement in safety, innovation and performance. Flexovit pressed its 1st abrasive wheel in Victoria, Australia on 25th September 1978.

During 2020 the Campbellfield Plants unstacking robot cell (SR1) reached another productivity milestone passing 20 MILLION wheels. The revolutionary robot cell was installed at the plant in 2018, with its main purpose to remove current manual handing tasks, reducing the risk of work-related injuries for employees while delivering sustainable productivity gains and launching their manufacturing facility into the 21st century.

Campbellfield’s Robot cell consists of two robots pictured above with vision systems, advanced positional detection and recovery abilities. The first robot strips the Teflon separator from the wheels and stacks it in a removable trolley that is later transferred to the press. The second robot picks up the wheels and the aluminium baking plate, separates the wheels then presents them on a conveyor belt for the operator to check before packing into tubs or boxes.

With a strong Dutch heritage and unparalleled abrasive technology, Flexovit are able to continually innovate and bring new solutions to the market, proud to have been doing this for over 60 years, and are looking forward to what the next 60 years will bring.

Part of Saint-Gobain, the world leader in the habitat and construction market, Flexovit provides high-performance abrasives solutions for Industrial, Trade, Mining, Automotive, Aviation and the DIY markets.

Igor Giglio, CEO Australia & New Zealand, says Saint-Gobain are proud to be serving and supporting CSS members with a local Aussie-made solution.