Sutton Tools gets SMART


Our new SMART manufacturing centre is ready & we welcome you!  

The Sutton Tools Thomastown Victoria facility – home to our global head office, and principal manufacturing plant– has recently completed a new product development facility. The additional area of 450m2 is home to our new SMART Manufacturing Centre.

Representing an overall investment in excess of $500,000, this initiative is best explained by the SMART acronym: Supporting Manufacturing Advances, Research and Technology.



The SMART Centre will provide the best in industry environment to cater for and support our Business Development and R&D activities. This includes testing new and existing tooling by utilising the latest data acquisition hardware and software analysis equipment.

The SMART Centre will also be used by our manufacturing customers for developing industry-specific productivity solutions, by way of real-time cutting tool trials and practical demonstrations, utilising the latest machining methodologies and machinery, including live streaming in-machine camera technology.

The SMART Manufacturing Centre will become the heart of our agreement with Swinburne University of Technology, showcasing a number of equipment enchantments including a 5-Axis CNC machine, and new Advan-tech tool design and application software. The centre will also become home for three Swinburne PhD students we are sponsoring under the arrangement.



We’re also anticipating the SMART Centre will become a hub for facilitating partnerships and development activities with the local manufacturing sector.