The right driver bit


Have you ever felt frustrated when you ‘round-out’ your driver bit putting that last decking screw in? Or screamed when your driver bit broke leaving a snail-trail mark on the painted tin? Did you know that different driver bits are suited for different applications? This is why there are two main types of driver bits within the Alpha range; Standard and Impact / Torsion bits.

Standard driver bits boast exceptional strength, and are generally manufactured from S2 raw material, which is shock resistant and able to be accurately hardened. This does mean standard driver bits tend to be more brittle than ‘impact’ driver bits meaning the head will hold its shape longer but can break when using an impact driver. Standard driver bits are suited to applications when load is gradually increased, such as fastening wood screws into timber, or in precision applications where head accuracy is very important, such as aerospace.

The continued development and ever-increasing torque of modern impact drivers has led to the advance of Impact Torsion style driver bits. These bits are designed to handle the extreme rise in torque compared to more traditional drill drivers. The peak torque loads are handled in two ways. Impact Torsion bits have the ability to deform under stress from tension, and then return to their original shape. The stress is taken away from the tip of the bit and dispersed through the shaft and body of the bit.

Impact Torsion driver bits are most suited to applications where instantaneous impact occurs. This is mostly when fastening metal to metal, aluminum and other fabrication applications.

With most tradies using impact drivers for most of their onsite work the highest performer is the Alpha ThunderMax Impact range. This range has been specially developed and tested in Australia and suit the most popular impact driver guns in our market.