The challenge of sustainability


When it comes to selecting the right sealant product to suit your application, not all sealants are created equal. Here’s some points to consider to choose the right one.

For external façade systems, one important focus from a materials design perspective is its UV performance and the negative impact that it can have on the appearance, dynamic movement and even the integrity of the product itself. The energy generated from the sun’s UV rays has the ability to literally break down the composition of certain materials, substrates, coatings and even sealants. To combat this, coatings/paint manufacturers strive to improve the longevity of an exterior paint system by adjusting the chemistry to prevent it from breaking down in UV or to preserve a timber cladding product, for example.

Importantly, in the case of powder coat systems used for aluminium window profiles and door systems, the stabilisers that are used to improve its UV performance can actually act as a bond/adhesion release, meaning that it then becomes incredibly difficult or even impossible for sealants/adhesives to achieve adequate bond to the coated surface. In many cases, high quality Silicone Sealants will achieve high adhesion success to most substrates, however it is not always the case.

When it comes to selecting the right sealant product to suit your application, not all sealants are created equal. Some sealant products may claim to have ‘Excellent UV Resistance’, but in the same way that coatings can break down in UV, so too can some sealant technologies, meaning the chemistry itself needs to be altered to protect the cured sealant from UV attack.

In selecting the suite of products that will go together to make a complete façade, window or door system, there is an enormous amount of information, data and factors to consider, and it is always best practice to test the individual systems components together to ensure that all parts will work to create a weather tight, robust system.

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