Think Green in working glove


By using recycled fiber, biodegradable plastic bags, low plastic content packaging, recycled paper and water-based inks, we help our customers to provide comprehensive environmental solutions.


Plastic waste pollution is a serious global issue, severely impacting on the marine environment. An estimated 300 million tons of plastic waste is produced globally each year. Each year, Australians throw away almost 400 million plastic bottles.

Only 30%-40% are recycled, leaving a whopping 240 million bottles for land fill. Support PROChoice THINK GREEN Gloves and give discarded plastic bottles a second life.

For every pair of THINK GREEN Gloves made, approx 1.3 plastic bottles is recycled with 14g CO2 emissions saved.


By replacing 100% conventional fibers with recycled fibers, our gloves maintain excellent dexterity, durability and comfort. THINK GREEN Gloves are GRS (Global Recycle Standard)

Objectives of GRS

  • Alignment of recycled definitions across multiple applications.
  • Verify recycled content in products.
  • Provide consumers (both brands and and consumers) with a tool to make informed decisions.
  • Reduce harmful impact of production to people and the environment.
  • Provide assurance that products are processed more sustainably.
  • Drive higher percentages of recycled content in products.