Think green in your working glove


Give recycling a chance 

Plastic waste pollution is a serious global issue. With an especially severe impact on our marine environments.

An estimated 300 million tons of plastic waste is produced globally each year. Each year Australians throw away almost 400 million plastic bottles. Only 30-40% are recycled leaving a whopping 240 million bottles for landfill.

Support Pro Choice Safety Gear THINK GREEN gloves and give plastic bottles a better life.

For every pair of Pro Choice Safety Gear THINK GREEN gloves made, approximately 1.3 plastic bottles can be recycled and 14g CO2 can be reduced. By using recycled fiber, biodegradable plastic bags, low plastic content packaging, recycled paper and water-based inks, we bring environmentally friendly gloves to your work site.

Read more about the process below:

Recycle fibre glove:

By replacing 100% of conventional fibres with recycled fibres, our gloves maintain excellent dexterity, durability and comfort. Think Green Gloves are also GRS (Global Recycle Standard) Certified. Pro Choice Safety Gear THINK GREEN products pays attention to Environmental Protection, Resource Conservation and Compliance with SRRD Principals: Safe/Reduce/Recycle/Degradable

Green paper:

Our packaging has passed FSC-STD-40 -004 certification.

Plastic Free Tape:

Our packaging uses plastic-free, wet-water-tied kraft tape to reduce the plastic content.

Green ink:

THINK GREEN gloves and packaging are printed using environmentally friendly water-based inks.

Biodegradable plastic:

The strength of biodegradable plastic is the as same as regular plastic bags. Biodegradable plastic is hard to preserve, once it is made, it starts to degrade.