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On the cutting edge

Norton Clipper provides a one-stop shop for all cutting, grinding drilling, building, and industrial construction markets.

From residential and habitat projects to large scale civil engineering ventures and everything in between, Norton Clipper can equip you with the safest and highest performing construction blades, machines and abrasives that not only help to improve your personal comfort but contribute to a greener environment. It was Clipper that revolutionised the building and construction industry with the invention of the world’s first laser welded diamond blade. Clipper has continued to innovate: with award winning silent blades, perfect for noisesensitive areas like hospitals, schools, offices, residential spaces and city centres. The introduction of infiltrated High Density technology (i-HD™), the latest revolution in diamond tool manufacturing. Through many years of research and development this revolutionary process provides customers with unrivalled performance, greater comfort, lower energy production and improved safety. The diamond grit is an integral part of the segment structure. During the patented process, a special bond impregnates the core structure and binds the diamond grit into the segment. This ensures optimum use of the diamond grit, giving the diamond tools a longer life. Norton’s optimised process also means increased segment design flexibility resulting in greater diversification of diamond blade shapes to best suit applications and materials being cut.


Norton Clipper launches a new Masonry Saw. The BBM 307 is very compact and portable making it an ideal machine to have on-board. The innovative design of these small masonry saws has been copied many times due to its compact, all-steel uni-body construction, giving the best weight-to-strength distribution. A 350mm diameter blade capacity and ergonomically-designed, three-position locking, cutting head provides a safe, clear view of the work area. The BBM 307 comes with a powerful 3HP motor and features such as overload protection, garden hose connection and a channelled, flow water pan to direct dust and slurry away from the operator.


To further aid quick and easy product selection, clear material colour coding has been applied to the packaging. This is supported on the back of pack with further substrate details, designed to give guidance to end users to ensure the right blade is chosen for the job. Norton Clipper has been completely revitalised across its full range of machines and consumables. Through significant brand investment, Norton Clipper has improved and modernised its machines and packaging design to strengthen communication, making product recognition and selection quicker and easier for the user. Within the Clipper diamond tool range, the offer is a choice of three performance levels, adapted to the requirements of the customers. Quality tiering is clearly communicated through the range names: Extreme, Pro and Classic, which are supported on the packaging by the number of quality diamonds located underneath the names. An additional performance indicator on the sleeve quickly and effectively indicates Pro and Extreme products. Additionally, Norton Clipper boasts the widest range of diamond tools for cutting the most common surfaces: reinforced concrete, granite, tiles, stone and asphalt. Also providing high performance machines including: masonry, floor, tile and handheld saws, core drilling equipment. Whatever the trade Norton Clipper can offer you safe, high quality construction blades, machines and abrasives to help you build, renovate and improve our habitat.

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